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1. Biology in 24 Hrs
     Rapid Learning Center is the leading rapid learning solution provider for science and math. Its signature product line is the 24-hour rapid mastery series using the Rapid Learning System.
     Our Bio/Med Faculty has developed an array of HS and College-Level rapid learning courses, to help bio, pre-med and medical students to achive academic success rapidly, with more on their way. It is the research and creative work of a team of many teaching talents.

2. McGraw-Hill Higher Education - Biology
McGraw-Hill Higher Education - Biology:
BioCourse.com   Essential Study Partner   Enhancement Chapters   Virtual Classroom   Biology 6/e Web Links  
Interactive Maps   Virtual Labs   Journal Web Links   Author's Bookshelf   Online Tutor  

3. Rapid Learning Center - Biology
Rapid Learning Center is the leading provider of rapid e-learning solutions in chemistry, biology, physics, math, statistics and other core courses at high school, college levels and beyond. We also offer test prep rapid learning packages on MCAT, DAT, OAT, PCAT, Pre-Nursing, AP, SAT and other standard tests, with more to come.

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