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1. Oxford e-Research Centre
The Oxford e-Research Centre works with research units across the whole of Oxford University to enable the use and development of innovative computational and information technology in multidisciplinary collaborations.
Since its inception 2006 the Centre has grown to be an internationally prestigious team of over 50 multidisciplinary researchers committed to accelerating research through innovative technology and is home to a portfolio of research projects in the sciences,  social sciences, humanities, technology and research infrastructure development.

2. The University of York- Research - Computer Science
     We are a leading department for Computer Science in the UK, and are consistently ranked in the top ten in UK league tables. Our current rankings in the 2012 league tables are:
 - The Guardian - 6th
 - The Times - 8th
 - The Independent - 8th
     Our teaching helps to prepare all our graduates for the workplace at all levels. We do this through close collaboration with industry to ensure that we keep up with emerging trends in such a dynamic sector. Our principled approach also allows our graduates to adapt quickly, and it is for these reasons that our employment statistics are above average for a UK Computer Science department.

3. Useful Things to Know About Ph. D. Thesis Research
Useful Things to Know About Ph. D. Thesis Research
(Prepared for "What is Research" Immigration Course, Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University, 14 October 1987)
Presentation Outline
  1. Introduction
  2. Why Ph.D. thesis could be really difficult for a student
  3. Types of Ph.D. theses (from Allen Newell)--not a topic of this talk
  4. Growth of a star (the transformation process that some students go through to become a mature researcher)--which stage are you in?
  5. Stages of Ph.D. thesis research
  6. Methods to get into the depth of a topic (or how to come up with good ideas)
  7. Breaking myths
  8. Pitfalls to avoid (easy ones to avoid listed first)
  9. Some other general advice
  10. All the effort is worth it (believe it or not) 

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