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1. The University of York- Department of Economics and Related Studies
Broad Aims
- To deliver excellent, stimulating, research-led teaching across a broad range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes, giving our students the ability to become independent learners and critical thinkers.
- To enhance the student experience, addressing academic, social and employability needs; maintaining the current stable size of the Department in terms of student numbers, to enable the Department to focus on enhancing the student experience and research outcomes.
- To support and promote the research activities of our staff, enabling research of the highest international quality and impact that feeds back in to our teaching to maintain programmes at the forefront of Economics.
- To support the staff and students within the Department to achieve at the highest level, encouraging the development of our international community.

2. The University of York- The York Management School
     The School has an active research programme that embraces economic, financial, sociological and technological aspects of management and links to rated research in other applied science, social science and humanities departments at York. The School is undergoing an ambitious programme of expansion and we are developing a leading research profile at national and international levels.

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