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1. Johns Hopkins University School of Education
     The School of Education (SOE) at the Johns Hopkins University has a long history of providing innovative academic programs and applied research that have measurably improved the quality of PK-12 education, especially in the most challenged urban schools. This blend of quality and responsiveness has led to strong partnerships with school systems, other Johns Hopkins schools, national professional organizations, and governmental agencies.

2. Kyoto University - Graduate School of Education
The Graduate School and the Faculty of Education conduct:
   1. Research and training in educational studies at the graduate leves.
   2. Undergraduate teaching in education.
   3. Certification programs for secondary school teachers, adult education specialists and librarians.
   4. In-service training for school teachers.
The Graduate School is made up of two Departments: Education, which consists of seven Divisions, Clinical Education, which consists of four divisons.

3. Peking University - Graduate School of Education
     The education discipline of Peking University has a long history. Early in 1902, the Imperial Academy of Qing government had established the Normal Hall, opened education courses and trained education expertises. In 1924, Peking University set up the department of education, Chiang Meng-lin,Hu Shi and other well-known educators served as President of the department professor Association or Dean of the department. In 1949, Peking University adjusted the department of education to other universities according to Government's unified planning. Since 1980s, the education discipline has been re-established gradually in Peking University: Higher Education Research Office established in 1980,then developed into Scientific Research Institute in 1984; in 1999 the Education and Economics Institute set up. In October 2000, the Graduate School of Education was founded, which grew out of the Institute of Higher Education, the Institute of Economics of Education and the Audio-Visual Education Center(formerly the Dianjiao Team in 1973). Professor Min Weifang, the CPC Secretary of Peking University and the chairman of the University Council, has been the first dean. Professor Wen Dongmao is the current dean, Professor Yan Fengqiao, Li Wenli, Shang Junjie are the vice deans; Associate Professor Chen Xiaoyu is the CPC Secretary, Associate Researcher Hou Huawei is the vice CPC Secretary. Professor Min Weifang serves as the Honorary Dean.

4. UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education
  Graduate School of Education, Tolman Hall, Berkeley, California

5. University of Cambridge - Faculty of Education
About the Faculty
The University of Cambridge Faculty of Education is committed to the highest standards of research and teaching and is a significant contributor to the improvement of educational policy and practice in partnership with schools, colleges and other educational agencies both in the UK and internationally.
Recent History
In August 2001 the Faculty became one of the largest groups of educational researchers and teacher educators in the country. The new grouping reflects a strategic commitment by the University of Cambridge to contribute to excellence in all phases of public education, both nationally and internationally. Bringing together colleagues from the former University School of Education and Homerton College, the integrated Faculty currently has an academic staff of 10 professors, 4 emeritus professors, 5 readers and some 60 lecturers/senior lecturers and over 100 support staff.
The Faculty of Education has a commitment to conducting research of high quality and practical value. Our research is underpinned by a strong set of values which give it purpose and direction. Particular effort is directed towards the improvement of education with a central focus on teaching and learning, informed by principles of inclusivity and social justice, and valuing the contribution of user groups, especially practitioners, in collaborative research partnerships.
Academic Groups
The Faculty has academic groups focusing on many aspects of education, some generic (inclusion and special provision; leadership and improvement; learning and teaching), some phase-specific (early years and primary; secondary), and some subject-specific (arts; language and literature; mathematics; science), as well as on studies of education from disciplinary and inter-disciplinary perspectives (economics, history, philosophy and sociology; psychology).
The joint submission from the former School of Education and Homerton College was rated internationally excellent in the most recent Research Assessment Exercise. Further information can be found in the research area of this site.

6. University of Tokyo - Faculty of Education
     The objective of the Faculty of Education is to cultivate professionals with profound understanding of human beings and society, and experts who engage in pedagogical research as well as practice education through scientific analysis and consideration of educational issues. In this faculty, students learn about the activities of people as they learn, grow, and develop. The role of preschools, elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, and special-needs schools and universities in the development of society and culture and the role of education in realizing the well-being of people and creating a better society are examined from various angles. The Faculty of Education is composed of five divisions: the Division of Basic Theories of Education, the Division of Social Sciences in Education, the Division of Educational Practices and Policies, the Division of Educational Psychology and the Division of Physical and Health Education.

7. University of York - Science Education Group
     The University of York Science Education group (UYSEG) carries out research and development in school science education. It is an informal grouping of science education specialists from the Centre for Innovation and Research in Science Education (CIRSE) and the Chemical Industry Education Centre (CIEC), part of the Department of Chemistry.
     The strong reputation of UYSEG was instrumental in the establishment of the National Science Learning Centre on the York campus. The continuing professional development remit of the NSLC will complement the work of UYSEG.

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