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1. A Few Good Books on Teaching and Learning
     The Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning facilitates professional development for Dartmouth's teachers, cultivates community conversation about how people learn and supports collaboration in preparing students for life-long learning.

2. Books in the TLL Library (Teaching and Learning Laboratory @ MIT)
     The MIT Teaching and Learning Laboratory, which began in 1997, collaborates with faculty, administrators, and students to strengthen ongoing educational efforts at MIT and develop innovations in pedagogy and technology.  As part of the Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education, TLL offers its own programs and works in partnership with MIT schools and departments on their educational initiatives.

3. Learning Science Through Computer Games and Simulations
Margaret A. Honey and Margaret Hilton, Editors; Committee on Science Learning: Computer Games, Simulations, and Education; National Research Council
Authoring Organizations
At a time when scientific and technological competence is vital to the nation's future, the weak performance of U.S. students in science reflects the uneven quality of current science education. Although young children come to school with innate curiosity ... Read More

4. National Science Education Standards (1996)
     In a world filled with the products of scientific inquiry, scientific literacy has become a necessity for everyone. Everyone needs to use scientific information to make choices that arise every day. Everyone needs to be able to engage intelligently in public discourse and debate about important issues that involve science and technology. And everyone deserves to share in the excitement and personal fulfillment that can come from understanding and learning about the natural world.

5. Science Education Books
   Browsing new and published books in the subject of Science Education - sorted by publish date from newer books to older books.

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