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1. Sheffield Hallam University - Research - Centre for Science Education
     The Centre for Science Education (CSE) is a research and business development unit specialising in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, but in particular, science.
CSE creates, manages and delivers resources, projects and initiatives to support teachers and students at all levels of education.
The main aspects of our work are
- curriculum development
- continuing professional development (CPD)
- research and evaluation
- regional enhancement and enrichment activity
- consultancy

2. University of Copenhagen - Department of Science Education
     Welcome to the Department of Science Education (DSE) - a part of the Faculty of Science
     The DSE offers a comprehensive study programme to researchers and staff at the University of Copenhagen. Moreover, we tailor courses in didactics, presentation skills and communication as well as science education to interested participants from the University as well as Danish and international students and PhD Students.
     Moreover, we carry out a number of research and development projects.

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