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1. E-Learning Engineering
     The key to developing a Corporate Learning Strategy is to understand the relationship between the corporate goals and the people who are accountable for the results.
     Learn about the seven steps to selecting a Learning Management System (LMS). You can also view the table of contents of a sample LMS Business Requirements document and Corporate Learning Strategy.
     The application of Artificial Intelligence within e-learning can produce the potential of creating realistic environments with which students can interact.

2. e-Learning tools for Electrical Engineering
Generalities    Linear circuits    Sinusoidal regime    Triphased systems

3. International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering
     Objective of IABSE E-Learning:   The main objective of the E-learning project of IABSE is to provide, in addition to publications and conferences, an third channel for the exchange of knowledge and experience in Structural Engineering. It will help IABSE to fulfill its mission and objectives.
      The site is still in a preliminary and experimental phase. Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated. Please have a look to what is already operational and to what is planned. You are most welcome to let us know your opinion and suggestions. You may also provide your contributions, which will be considered for uploading on this website by the IABSE E-Learning Board. Please send your comments or proposals to elearning@iabse.org.
     IABSE website: http://www.iabse.org/  ,    IABSE Foundation: http://www.iabse.org/association/iabsefoundation/index.php

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