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1. Engineering Studies
Engineering Studies is an interdisciplinary, international journal devoted to the scholarly study of engineers and engineering.  Its mission is threefold:
- to advance research in historical, social, cultural, political, philosophical, rhetorical, and organizational studies of engineers and engineering;
- to help build and serve diverse communities of researchers interested in engineering studies;
- to link scholarly work in engineering studies with broader discussions and debates about engineering education, research, practice, policy, and representation.

2. International Journal of Electronics
International Journal of Electronics is dedicated to the rapid dissemination of new concepts and developments across the broad and interdisciplinary field of electronics. In addition to original full length papers the Journal contains a section dedicated to the publication of short papers.  The Journal welcomes submissions on all topics in electronics, with specific emphasis on power electronics, embedded systems, semiconductor devices, analogue circuits, digital electronics, microwave and millimetre-wave techniques, wireless and optical communications, sensors, instrumentation and medical electronics.

3. Master Mechanical Engineering
     An internetplatform where robots share their knowledge, a 3D-laserprinter with which microstructures can be printed in glass, an automatic tracking system for cars to prevent traffic congestions. Mechanical engineering is a very broad discipline. It focuses on conceiving, designing, analyzing, making and improving mechanical products, processes and systems. From large scale to nanometer level. This is only possible if you have an understanding of the latest technological developments as well as the ability to place your own work in a social context. Does this appeal to you? Then Mechanical Engineering is the right Master's degree program for you.

4. The University of York- Research in the Department of Electronics
     Our department is home to world-leading research groups working in areas including nano-technology, computer architectures based on biological systems, electromagnetic compatibility and advanced wireless communications systems.
     The department's major research groups are:
     Audio Lab  Communications    Intelligent Systems    Physical Layer    Engineering Education and Management

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