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1. MIT EAPS - Research Centers
     These research centers are formal groupings of faculty that perform interdisciplinary work. Drawing upon the interests and expertise of scientists and engineers from several MIT departments, these collaborations afford a wide array of opportunities for both students and faculty. The research centers foster the scientific perspectives that will inform perceptions about the future of the Earth, its oceans and atmosphere, and other planetary systems. The list below includes both independent centers and those within EAPS.

2. Princeton University - Department of Geosciences
     The Geosciences Department, together with its affiliated inter-departmental programs and institutes, serves as the central focus for the Earth, atmospheric, oceanographic, and environmental sciences at Princeton. As such we encompass a rich diversity of scientific expertise and initiative that ranges, for example, from the measurement and modeling of global climatic change, to high-pressure mineral physics, to seismic tomographic imaging of the Earth's interior or the analysis of terrestrial and planetary tectonics.

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