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1. e-Learning - UK Centre for Materials Education
There are increasing and varied pressures driving the rise in use of e-Learning within UK higher education. There is no doubt that new technologies provide exciting opportunities for enhancement and innovation in learning.
Materials Science – being a technology-driven subject – lends itself well to this, and a number of specialist resources have been created by those working in the discipline, for use by everyone.

2. Online E Learning Courses and Distance Learning Course - Advanced Technology in Material Science
     The Global recession in 2008 caused a pronounced deceleration in the Industrial World. The manufacturers of the advanced Countries started outsourcing their manufacturing activities to Asian Countries for economic reasons. But now the picture has changed, as the labor and other manufacturing costs has escalated in China and other Asian Countries as well. These Companies are now bringing back their manufacturing activities to their own Country. It is certain that the advance technology in material science will help the manufacturers of advanced countries to in-source their activities.

3. University of Auckland - Materials Science - Elearning - Centre for Academic Development
     The Materials Science resource uses interactive graphics and animations to allow students to manipulate materials in ways that would be impossible otherwise. Atoms are too small to see, crystal structures can only be implied from X-Ray diffraction, melting steel requires specialised furnaces and watching it solidify would require specialised eyeballs. The resource interactively links micro-structure and mechanical properties so that students can see how mechanical processes affect the micro-structure.

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