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4 results.
1. ACE-Learning :: The Best Online Math E-Learning Singapore
   It's no wonder that ACE-Learning is the leading Mathematics E-Learning System in Singapore.
   The content have been developed, tried and tested in Singapore schools since 2001 with initial funding from the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore.
   With excellent feedback, suggestions and requests from teachers, parents, and students, the features of the program will still continue to evolve.  Its coverage now extends beyond textbooks with new concept development, applications and examples which inspire and equip young people to embark on personal research activities and invention or to take up careers in professional or vocational fields.

2. HeyMath! - Elementary, Middle and High School Math Concepts Explained Visually
   HeyMath! was founded in May 2000 by Nirmala Sankaran and Harsh Rajan on a worldview that there is no perfect education system. We're based in Chennai, India, and are privately funded. Contact our founders (founders at heymath.com)
   We've made it our mission to create a flat world curriculum by diligently seeking out proven best practices from great teachers and discerning parents around the world. HeyMath! lessons are developed with advice from the University of Cambridge. Our highly capable Math editors then blend this collective wisdom into bite-sized animated and interactive explanations that provide concept clarification visually and help remove the fear of Math.
   HeyMath! was recognized as one of the 25 most innovative companies in 2007 by Microsoft in a nation wide survey in India and was featured in NASSCOM's 100 most innovative software companies in India in 2006.
   We were also invited by Intel Corporation to join their Ecosystem Alliance for the Intel Powered 'Classmate PC'.

3. Online Mathematical School
     This site is an online mathematical high school where you can study without leaving your home (online education). This site unlike others contains all necessary information of elementary mathematics in full measure.

4. Rapid Learning Center - Mathematics
Rapid Learning Center is the leading provider of rapid e-learning solutions in chemistry, biology, physics, math, statistics and other core courses at high school, college levels and beyond. We also offer test prep rapid learning packages on MCAT, DAT, OAT, PCAT, Pre-Nursing, AP, SAT and other standard tests, with more to come.

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