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1. Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne - Mathematics Institute for Analysis and Applications
     Les mathematiques sont au coeur de nombreuses sciences et indispensables aux sciences de l'ingenieur. C'est pourquoi notre institut, tout en contribuant a la recherche fondamentale, excelle aussi dans les applications des mathematiques. Suivez les liens ci-contre pour visiter les sites Web des chaires formant MATHAA et en apprendre plus sur leurs activites.

2. Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne - Mathematics Institute for Geometry and Applications
     The Mathematics Institute for Geometry and Applications (MATHGEOM) has been created in 2010 out of the previous "Institute of Mathematics B".
     The main research carried out in our institute is on group theory, algebric and analytic number theory, number geometry, combinatorial, discrete and computational geometry, computational mathematics and error-correcting codes.

3. Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne - Mathematics Institute of Computational Science and Engineering
     The Mathematics Institute of Computational Science and Engineering includes the Chair of Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis (ANMC), the Chair of Numerical Analysis and Simulation (ASN), the Chair of Modelling and Scientific Computing (CMCS) and the Chair of Numerical Algorithms and High-Performance Computing (ANCHP).

4. Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
     The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) is dedicated to the advancement and communication of fundamental knowledge in mathematics and the mathematical sciences, to the development of human capital for the growth and use of such knowledge, and to the cultivation in the larger society of awareness and appreciation of the beauty, power and importance of mathematical ideas and ways of understanding the world. 

5. NSF Mathematical Sciences Institutes

6. Warwick Mathematics Institute
     The Mathematics Institute was founded in 1965 by Professor Sir Christopher Zeeman, and since that time has gone from strength to strength. In the 2008 research assessment exercise (RAE2008) over 70% of Department research was rated either 4* (internationally leading) or 3* (internationally excellent). Pure Mathematics was rated second in the UK (after Imperial), and Applied Mathematics came equal first (with Oxford and Cambridge) for the proportion of its research rated 4*. The undergraduate mathematical courses at Warwick have the largest intake in the UK and are noted for their breadth, their innovative approach, the high quality of the students and high standards. In many independent rankings of research, undergraduate or postgraduate teaching the Institute does exceptionally well; for example, our Masters and PhD programmes belong to the "excellence group" of the Europe-wide CHE Excellence 2010 rankings which go on to comment that the Mathematics Department at the University of Warwick is especially strong in research and internationally oriented in comparison to the rest of Europe.

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