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1. The University of York - Research - Department of Mathematics
     We work over a wide range of specialised interests in the areas of pure mathematics (including algebra, geometry, analysis and number theory), applied mathematics (including continuum mechanics and mathematical biology), mathematical physics (including quantum information and foundations, quantum groups, quantum integrability, quantum field theory and quantum gravity), stochastic analysis (including stochastic partial differential equations), mathematical finance and statistics (including Bayesian inference, financial econometrics, functional data analysis, health economics, multi-level modelling, nonparametric statistics, spatial data analysis, structural equation models, survival Analysis, time series).
     The Department has research links with Biology, Computer Science, Chemistry, Electronics, Economics, Health Sciences, Physics, Psychology and York Centre for Complex Systems Analysis.

2. University of Cambridge - Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
     The Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) is one of two Mathematics Departments at the University of Cambridge, the other being the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics (DPMMS). The two Departments together constitute the Faculty of Mathematics, and are responsible for the teaching of Mathematics and its applications within the Mathematical Tripos.
     Both Mathematics Departments are located, alongside the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences and the Betty and Gordon Moore Library at the striking Centre of Mathematical Sciences, completed in 2002.

3. University of Waterloo - Graduate Student Home
     As a grad student or partner, you'll be working with the world's largest centre of mathematicians and computer scientists. We have the breadth and depth of knowledge, experience and expertise to excel in both academic pursuits and the application of our skills to real-world problems.
     We're focused on innovation. Our professors, students , and institutes explore a broad range of areas and ideas in math and computer science from foundational theory to applied research and commercial solutions. Plus, inter-disciplinary research is important at UW. Our people look for connections between subjects, departments and schools and industry, opening the doors to new methods and discovery.

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