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1. Harvard Medical School
     Harvard Medical School has been synonymous with excellence in education, research and clinical care for generations.
Since the school was established in 1782, faculty members have improved human health by innovating in their roles as physicians, mentors and scholars. They’ve piloted educational models, developed new curricula to address emerging needs in health care, and produced thousands of leaders and compassionate caregivers who are shaping the fields of science and medicine throughout the world with their expertise and passion.

2. Imperial College London - Faculty of Medicine
The Faculty of Medicine is one of Europe’s largest medical institutions – in terms of its staff and student population and its research income.
     Established in 1997, it brings together all the major West London medical schools into one world-class institution. It maintains close links with a number of NHS Trusts with whom it collaborates in teaching and research activities.

3. Johns Hopkins University - Department of Medicine
     Welcome to the Web site of the Department of Medicine of Johns Hopkins Medicine. Whether you are a current trainee, a potential house staff member or fellow, a present or future patient, a member of our faculty or a colleague in medicine or science, we hope that you will find here the information you are seeking. Navigating this site will introduce you to whatever aspects of this great Department interest you.

4. Stanford University - School of Medicine
Vast in both its physical scale and its impact on human health — locally, nationally, and globally — Stanford Medicine is comprised of three main components:
  • Stanford School of Medicine, a premier research-intensive medical school that improves health through leadership and collaborative discoveries and innovation in patient care, education, and research.
  • Stanford Hospital & Clinics, consistently ranked among the top hospitals in the nation for advanced care in such areas as cancer treatment, cardiac care, neurology, orthopedic surgery, and organ transplantation.
  • Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, internationally recognized for advancing family-centered care of children and expectant mothers.
     The Medical Center is uniquely advantaged by its location on the main Stanford University campus, adjacent to top-ranked programs in engineering, physical and biological sciences, computer science, ethics, and other disciplines. This close proximity — coupled with Stanford's long tradition of encouraging collaboration — fosters multidisciplinary research and, ultimately, accelerates the pace at which new knowledge can be translated into new ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease.

5. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - Department of Medicine
Clinical Nutrition
Digestive Diseases
General Internal Medicine and Health Sciences Research
Infectious Diseases
Pulmonary, Critical Care
VA Greater Los Angeles
VA Sepulveda
CARE (AIDS) Center
Center for East-West Medicine
Clinical Immunology and Allergy (a sub-specialty of Pulmonary, Critical Care)
Clinical Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine (a sub-specialty of Cardiology)

6. University of California, San Diego (UCSD) - Department of Medicine
     The Department of Medicine at UC San Diego is a leading center for research, teaching and clinical care in internal medicine. From arthritis to respiratory disease, from hypertension to cancer, we are dedicated to translating laboratory discoveries into better ways to detect, treat, and prevent disease.
     With nearly 470 full-time faculty members and over 100 academic researchers, the Department of Medicine is the largest of the distinguished departments in the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine.

7. University of Cambridge - Department of Medicine
     The Department of Medicine provides high quality research, teaching and patient care.  It is the largest department in the School of Clinical Medicine, and is comprised of 11 Divisions, each aligned to a clinical specialty within the NHS.  It houses 22 professors, and over 400 directly employed and affiliated members of staff.  The Department’s base is over 4 floors in the main building of Addenbrooke’s Hospital, and in other sites on campus, including the Cambridge Institute of Medical Research, CRUK Cancer Research Institute, West Forvie site, GSK building, Institute of Metabolic Science and the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology University Research Unit.

8. University of Oxford - Medical Sciences Division
     We are an internationally recognized centre of excellence for biomedical and clinical research and teaching, and the largest academic division in the University of Oxford.
     World-leading programmes, housed in state-of-the-art facilities, cover the full range of scientific endeavour from the molecule to the population. With our NHS partners we also foster the highest possible standards in patient care.

9. University of Tokyo - Faculty of Medicine
     The Faculty of Medicine comprises both the School of Medicine and the School of Integrated Health Sciences. The School of Medicine is dedicated to the development of research and education in medicine so that we are able to address various problems in present-day medical systems, and is also dedicated to training competent medical staff and clinicians who can take a holistic approach to patient care. The School of Integrated Health Sciences studies the interrelations between healthy people, medicine and society and also covers the training of nurses and nursing science. The University of Tokyo Hospital, which is affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine, is located in Hongo, the same area as the Faculty of Medicine, providing clinical training for medical students and helping to produce highly competent physicians and nurses for society every year. The Faculty of Medicine implements an active program of basic medical research, in neuroscience, immunology, oncology and cell biology. Our researchers energetically engage in basic medical research, which may lead to clarifying disease mechanisms and establishing new approaches to their treatment. Although each of these fields is highly competitive globally, the Faculty of Medicine has a high reputation for its world-class basic medicine, and every year many articles are published in scientific journals including Nature, Cell, and Science.

10. University of Tokyo - Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
     The discovery of new drugs requires detailed knowledge about the mechanisms of life and the causes of disease. Unfortunately, in every aspect, from the molecular level to pathological conditions, our knowledge is insufficient and many issues are still to be clarified. We need the ability to explain life phenomena from the perspectives of biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, physiological chemistry, genetics and immunology. Synthetic chemistry and reaction chemistry are essential for the synthesis of drugs. Historically, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences has produced excellent research outcomes in its research centered on organic chemistry. Additionally, in order to understand herbal medications and create drugs capable of surpassing them, natural product chemistry is also necessary, as are analytical chemistry and physical chemistry for discovering drug properties and their molecular-level interactions with living organisms. An understanding of drug metabolism and disposition and drug formulation design is required to transport drugs to target areas of the body. In order to explain the reaction of the living body to drugs, pharmacodynamics and toxicology are essential. Thus pharmaceutical science requires the combination of extensive basic and applied research. There is also an increasing amount of research in borderline areas that cannot be classified into traditional academic fields. In summary, the discovery of drugs is a compilation of these cutting-edge sciences.

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