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4 results.
1. Motion Mountain - The Free Physics Textbook for Download
What do fireworks, love and butterflies have in common? How do muscles work?
How do colours appear? What kinds of levitation are possible? Why can we see the stars? Is time travel possible? What is the maximum force found in nature? Which problems in physics are still open? This free physics textbook provides the answers - and guarantees as much pleasure as whatever else you enjoy most in life.

2. Physics for free
This site contains three free books by Emeritus Professor Frank Firk, former Chairman of the Department of Physics, Yale University.
    - The first, Essential Physics 1, is an intensive introduction for potential Physics majors.
    - The second, Introduction to Groups, Invariants & Particles, is a book for Seniors and Advanced Juniors majoring in the Physical Sciences.
    - The third, The Age of Einstein, is a brief introduction to Einstein's Theories of Special and General Relativity for the general reader.

3. Science - Flat World Knowledge
We are a college textbook publishing company with a mission to use technology and innovative business models to lower costs, increase access and personalize learning worldwide.
We work with successful textbook authors and well-known scholars to create great textbooks. Our open textbook model gives faculty complete control over our content. Students have a choice of low-cost print and digital formats, including a free online reader.

4. Springer
Springer: More than 165 years of publishing
It's like a very good book: chapter after chapter, the exciting history of the corporate group Springer Science+Business Media unfolds.

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