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A few conference recommendations.

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1. Academic conferences International
     ACI facilitates academic conferences on e-government, e-learning, knowledge management, research methods, IT evaluation, i-warefare and security plus management and governance.
     Twelve conferences are run annually at universities around the globe.
     Academic conferences supplies doctoral education, conference proceedings and other text books, and publishes e journals on a variety of subjects.

2. Academic conferences Worldwide
conference Alerts - Find details about academic conferences worldwide.

3. AIU High School - Earn your Diploma Online
     AIU High School offers several ideal solutions for students who have not yet completed high school and wish to earn their diploma.
     Depending on your unique situation, AIU has a program that allows you to complete your high school diploma as quickly as possible while giving you the necessary tools to prepare you for success career wise and at the university level.
     - American institution with prestige and registration with the Department of Education
     - Specialized instructors guide students via Video conferences and Multimedia
     - Technology and self learning systems at AIU's Virtual Campus
     - Accessible Tuition and Payment Plans
     No matter what program you decide is right for you, you can rest assured that you are on a path to secure a better future for yourself with AIU High School.    Although the online lesson modules and video/audio lectures are designed to help you learn independently, AIU faculty and staff are available to assist you every step of the way.
     The programs may be taken virtually via distance learning without physical class attendance, all required materials are available at the online student section.

4. All conferences
   A Global conference Directory where you can find conferences, Conventions, Trade Shows, Exhibits, and Events in any line of Business or Interest occurring anywhere in the World. 
   From specialized scientific, medical and academic conferences to business and association meetings worldwide spanning all interests, Allconferences.com provides something for everyone.
   With Allconferences.com you can:
      - Improve your Business Skills by updating your knowledge & gaining new information.  You'll also find Continuing Education courses here as well.
      - Great Networking Opportunities, especially for your career, when you meet people within your same area of interest.
      - If you have a Hobby, you'll definitely find something of interest to you on Allconferences.com

5. American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)
We are...
- Determined - Ensuring the dissemination of knowledge of physics, particularly by way of teaching - with numerous programs, conferences, and workshops.
- Established - Working since 1930 to better physics education
- Diverse - Over 10,000 members in 30
- Dedicated and Directed - With a dynamic strategic plan guiding our actions.

6. Attend conference
Who we are
 - Attendconference.com is a unique web service provider for attending conferences, with fastest growing multidisciplinary online dictionary of academic and business conferences in the world. Attendconference.com originated in 2010 and in this very short period became most popular online service in its field of action. Attendconference.com is a project under ENERGIA Consulting, headquartered in Sarajevo, Europe.
Our mission
 - Our mission is to connect potential attendees to academic and business conferences, providing our users with accurate, prompt and reliable information about the events to be held worldwide. To achieve this goal, we are constantly innovating and upgrading our services at no additional cost to our customers. For purpose of connecting attendees with organizers of conferences, we developed and built Attendconference.com – a powerful web service easy to use.
Our people
 - Attendconference.com is here to provide the best tool for finding event you want to attend. We are confident we can provide you with the highest level of support with our friendly and patient support staff waiting to address your needs. Along our editorial professionals, Attendconference.com is networking academic contributors from all around the world. There is also Attendconference scientific and professional Committee, engaged for approval conferences to be placed into Event Dictionary at the website.   
Our services
•Multidisciplinary Events Dictionary containing all types of academic and business events; conferences, Seminars, Webinars, Congresses, Symposiums, Workshops, Trainings, Business meetings, Exhibitions and Trade fairs.
•User friendly advanced search of the events dictionary by: category, country, city, date, conference ticket price range, key words.
•Free basic registration (adding) of event.
•Sell event tickets, conference proceedings and other event materials by our WebShop, often for reduced price.
•Media partnership
•Special promotion of events on the website and by our social network.
•Newsletter subscribing.
•Event review, venues and useful discussion on any conference issue on Forum.
•Latest scientific and business news on Sci&Buzz News.
Attendconference.com in numbers
 - Attendconference.com possesses Multidisciplinary Events Dictionary with more then 5,000 upcoming events and 10,000 past events of the best quality in the world.
 - Attendconference.com with its large dictionary of academic and business events has thousands visits from 187 countries worldwide everyday.
 - Those numbers are growing each day.

7. conference Listings - Calendar of upcoming scientific conferences
conference Listings
     conference-Service.com offers, as part of our business activities, a directory of upcoming scientific and technical meetings. The calendar is published for the convenience of conference participants and we strive to support conference organisers who need to publish their upcoming events.

8. European Affairs Events, conferences and Webinars
Featuring 876 European Affairs Events, Professional and Academic conferences, Webinars, EU Trainings. Publish your events for free.

9. European Nuclear Physics conference 2012
     EuNPC2012 is the Second European Nuclear Physics conference, organized by the Nuclear Physics Board of the European Physical Society, the "Horia Hulubei" National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering and the Romanian Physical Society.
     EuNPC2012 is meant to be the opportunity to review and discuss the status and prospects of the field, especially the major developments expected for the coming years. The Nuclear Physics community, from young physicsts to established practitioners, is invited to meet in Bucharest to showcase the Nuclear Physics for the Next Generations.

10. Event Seer
     Have you ever missed a conference that you really ought to have attended but didn't learn about until it was too late? Or maybe you have tried in vain to find a suitable place to publish that almost-finished paper of yours?
     That's why we created Eventseer. We wanted to create a service that aggregates all the calls for papers and event announcements that floats around the web into one common, searchable tool. What is more, we also wanted it to alert you whenever something comes up that just might be of interest.
How does it work?
     Eventseer keeps track of events, people, topics and organizations. When you sign up you will get a personal tracker that can be customized to your liking. If you are interested in a certain topic then you add it to your tracker. If there's an academic that works on something that interests you then you add that person.
     Basically, everything that ends up on Eventseer is trackable and hyperlinked. Whenever something that interests you is mentioned, you will receive an alert. The end product? Your own, personalized tracker feed that helps you stay informed.
So what are we offering?
     Quite a lot, in fact: 
 - Alerts whenever a tracked event is updated.
 - Alerts when people, topics or organizations are mentioned.
 - Customizable deadline alerts and your own deadline calender.
 - Your own personalized RSS feed.
 - The ability to claim a person profile page as your own and use it as a research blog.
 - A way of reaching a highly targeted audience.
 - The opportunity to comment on events.
 - An easy way of publishing your own events.
 - An interface for communicating with other researchers.
 - A convenient way of planning your research activities and staying ahead of the game.
Just another social network...?
     Far from it. You don't have to designate people as your friends or invite them into your own personal circle. In fact, you can keep track of people whether you like them or not.
     You can invite a person to become a user of Eventseer, but that doesn't create a special relationship between you and that person. The only reason for inviting someone is for momentum: The more people who use Eventseer, the better it gets.
     The basic philosophy is simple: In Eventseer, you state what you want to learn about, instead of who you know.
     So what about the network information on the person and topic pages? Well, that is just to help you find people that you might not have known about previously. This information is automatically mined from our database and is only intended to make search and navigation easier for you.

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